Tancan Bronze Self-Tanning-Spray 250ml


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A dress always looks better with a little tan on the body! And now we do not want to sunbathe so much so Tancan’s fantastic tan-without-sun spray gives you a fresh tan all year round. I myself love it and shower face and neck even in winter, you look fresher only after a few minutes. The Swedish original since 2004! TANCAN® BRONZE is a Swedish spray tanning for home use. TANCAN® BRONZE is a sun spray that quickly and easily gives you a naturally beautiful tan without smudges and dandruff. Using TANCAN® BRONZE is so simple that everyone can perform a professional spray tanning at home. For best results, prepare the skin with TANCAN® SCRUB and TANCAN® PRIMER, then apply the sun spray with circular motions, closing your eyes when applying to your face. Let dry and work for about 4-6 hours, after which excess color can be showered off. You now have a delicious tan that lasts for about a week. Free from parabens, mineral oils and perfume.